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Bored At The Office List

Are you Bored at the Office today?

new rafael .com  25 minutes to go .com (2004)  all i can do is .com (2006)  aesthetic echo .com (2009)  annoying cursor .com (2009)  beef chicken pork .com (2009)  big long now .com (2007)  broken self .com (2007)  burning cigarette .com (2008)  cold void .com (2008)  color flip .com (2008) 
electric boogie woogie .com (2009)  everything you see is in the past .com (2003)  fatal to the flesh .com (2004) future physics .com (2007)  flaming cursor .com (2007)  i am very very sorry .com (2002)  invisible cursor .com  it will never be the same .com (2004)  jello time .com (2007)  le duchamp .com (2008)  let me sleep .com (2004)  mirror mouse .com (2007)
  mister nice hands .com (2001)  much better than this .com (2006)  nosquito .biz (2005)  on a horse .com (2004)  on and off .org (2003)  only nothing .com (2006)  on my level .com (2009)  out in the wind .com (2009)  paper toilet .com (2006)  petrafael .com (2008)  please touch me .com (2005)
  popcorn painting .com (2008)  seethrough .org (2003)  stagnation means decline (2002)  the end of reason .com (2004)  tiny cursor .com (2008)  unlike the rest .com (2007)  vai avanti .com (2006)  we will attack .com (2002)  why was he sad .com (2002)

...and some more,

-give me more to post here for my new "Bored At The Office" list and I will make a much cleverer way of listing it when I am back together w my resources..

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